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Lost Wax Casted and Hand Fabricated 18k Gold Ring 
By Joshua Lovering

Josh 1_edited.jpg

"Objects inherently have no meaning. They are things for sale or pieces of the past whose meanings have been lost. When humans acquire objects, however, we give a life to these once meaningless pieces. Jewelry tends to be one of these objects. A physical form attached to oral storytelling, jewelry is unique in its ability to instantly make people wonder where it is from, why it was purchased, and what’s the story behind it. When we see engagement rings, we know that person has someone who loves them so much that they proposed to them. When we see charm bracelets, we get a glimpse into that person’s life and personality through the charms they chose. And, if these stories are told to the generations after whom inherit them as heirlooms, we can always remember our loved-ones and the milestones in their lives by the jewelry they leave us." - Joshua Lovering

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