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Our Mission

The mission of the BSU Think Tank is to foster innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through the exploration of new, and emerging technologies in an inclusive and collaborative environment. The Think Tank is a place where formal and informal learning comes together to provide users with hands-on experiences that help them refine their ideas, be more engaged with problem-solving, and develop leadership skills, such as ingenuity, adaptability, collaboration, and persistence. 

The Network


The BSU Machine shop is located in DMF room 181. The shop features woodworking and metalworking machinery. The room is equipped with a laser cutter, drill presses, saws, CNC Machines, and other supplies. 


The BSU Electronics lab is open to makerspace users and BSU students. The room is equipped with supplies needed to experiment with creating or exploring circuits and digital electronics. The lab is used to learn about and build digital projects like quadcopters, robots, sensors, etc.


The BSU Think Tank is a hub and spoke model utilizing purpose-built spaces ask well as incorporating existing laboratory spaces to create an interdisciplinary network.  The BSU Think Tank is the central hub of this network and thus is where all projects begin.  The space is centrally located in DMF 151. Here is where maker space users get checked in and guided to where they need to go for tools, workshops, or advice. The Think Tank is equipped with iMacs, PCs, 3D printers, router CNC, vacuum former, lightbox,  soldering stations, and more.


The BSU Art Lab is located in Hunt Hall in room 012. It features a 3-D Sculpture Studio with 3D printers and other tools for 3D sculpting.


The BSU Wind Tunnel is a wind simulator used for demonstrations and research. The tunnel can simulate speeds of up to 130 mph. Collaborations include studies of turbulence and calibration of anemometers in geography and wind turbine and airplane designs in physics and aviation. LabView software controls the wind tunnel and provides real-time data analysis through a computerized interface. Makerspace users are welcome to run their own tests in the wind tunnel.

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